World Football Simulator is the fourth major version of the game and is the first to have been written in a object-oriented programming language for Windows.


The three previous versions have been written using a procedural programming language and required DOS to play the game.

Version 1

This was my first attempt at a football manager game and it only had 16 of the best European teams, minimal transfer activity and a not so realistic game engine (There was not a lot of nil nil draws with this game). The games used real player names and skill levels and was an entry to writing football management simulation games.

Version 2

After this came the second version which introduced the choice between the English and Scottish football leagues. The game engine was dramatically revamped and the introduction of player contacts and improved transfer activity. Players were fictional and used randomly set values for skills and attributes. A feature which has been used ever since.

Version 3

The next version continued with the choice between the English and Scottish football leagues. The game engine again was improved. A training option was introduced along with players retiring.


World Football Simulator posed a few problems before I have even started on this version as it was to be the first where the user can use their mouse instead of their keyboard.

This game would be much bigger than the previous versions, for a start I decided that there would be eight European leagues and full European cup competitions.

I also had to develop custom written components for this game as the ones that were included with the programming language did not allow to be fully customised. These included buttons, labels and the open dialog.

There was also a number of other notable improvements from previous games.

  • An improved game engine
  • Improved artificial intelligence
  • An easier menu system
  • Improved tactics
  • Managers could get sacked
  • Introduction of staff
  • Introduction of stadium management and the ability to build new stadiums
  • Players can now be loaned
  • Players height and weight introduced and used in game engine

The game has been completely written by just the one person – myself and has been done in my spare time. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did making it.